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Here you’ll find up-to-date information provided by Gunns Ltd about its business. Gunns believes it is important that the public understands its business and makes up its own mind about its operations. The information and comment provided on this site is part of Gunns’ belief that transparency will build confidence in the company and help people to make up their own minds about how well Gunns performs; environmentally, socially and economically.

I would encourage people who are interested in our business to get information from many sources, including Gunns.

Greg L'Estrange

Greg L’Estrange
Managing Director (appointed CEO April 2010)

Gunns Ltd

Gunns Ltd is an integrated forest products company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. It began in 1875 and is Australia’s largest timber products company. The company, in response to a downturn in demand for products sourced from native (natural) forests, and a commercial driver of value-adding, has substantially changed its business strategy.

Gunns announced in 2010 that it would stop harvesting native forests and move to a 100% plantation-sourced fibre supply for the centrepiece of its business strategy, value-added hardwood pulp for export from its proposed Bell Bay Pulp Mill. This decision was one of the commitments made by the new management in rightly responding to the social context in which a modern forest products company does its business.