Best available technology – ECF Light

The bleached Kraft pulp production process that will be used for the Bell Bay Pulp Mill converts wood chips into wood pulp through a complex digestion and bleaching process.

The mill will use an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process, which provides a high level of environmental performance as well as meeting the market demand for bright, white paper.

Bleached Kraft pulp mills using ECF technology have evolved over recent years, with each one being technologically and environmentally better than the last.

Nearly all modern pulp mills use ECF technology because of its good environmental performance and ability to meet market demand.

As well as a whiter pulp, the ECF Light process produces paper with stronger fibers, which can be recycled several times.

Through the use of the best available technology in the pulp production process, the mill will use 40 per cent less chlorine dioxide per tonne of pulp than the traditional ECF process. This is called an ECF “light” process.