Project infrastructure

A bleached hardwood Kraft pulp mill with annual production capacity of at least 1.1 million air dried tonnes of pulp.

A new wharf with maximum water depth of 12 metres for delivery of chemicals and materials and the export of pulp by ship. The wharf has been designed to minimise potential impact on the river and marine life during construction.

Wood yard and chip handling facilities. The infrastructure allows the use of rail, with a decision to be made on this during the logistical design of the project prior to commencement of operations.

Chemical plant for producing and storing bleaching chemicals. The ownership and operation of this plant would be outsourced to an organisation with the appropriate experience and expertise in operating such facilities.

180 MW power station fueled by “black liquor” (wood residues) from the pulp process and chip fines, plantation bark and chip screening fines.

Water supply pipeline from Trevallyn Dam, near Launceston, incorporating a water pumping station near Trevallyn Dam.

Water supply purchased at commercial rates from part of the existing Hydro Tasmania allocation currently directed through the Trevallyn Power Station.

Quarry, landfill and water reservoir adjacent to the pulp mill site.
Effluent treatment plant using an activated sludge/biological treatment process (equivalent treatment technology to that used in Hobart’s Macquarie Point Wastewater Treatment Plant).

Effluent pipeline from the pulp mill site to Four Mile Beach on the north coast of Tasmania, incorporating a 2.7 km marine outfall and diffuser, which is adjacent to the Tasmanian Natural Gas pipeline and the Basslink electricity cable.