Terms & Conditions

Gunns provides the opportunity to comment on Gunnsblog articles, subject to the following standard terms and conditions:

  • All user comments are moderated by Gunns. This means we will check contributions before they are uploaded to the site.
  • Contributors will need to be registered with WordPress (the host of gunnsblog.com) in order to make a comment on an article.
  • We will moderate comments regularly while an article is open for comments, but there may be some delay before your comment is uploaded to the site.
  • The comment period will typically be two weeks.
  • Gunns will not edit comments, but may not approve comments for upload if they are overly long, off topic or contain inappropriate language (refer below).
  • Comments that Gunns considers to be discriminatory, defamatory, abusive, off-topic or unlawful, will not be accepted for publishing. Similarly, messages that are factually wrong or misleading may also not be approved.
  • We will give preference to shorter comments (i.e. less than 200 words) but reserve the right to publish longer comments if, in the view of the moderators, they offer a helpful insight.
  • We reserve the right not to upload comments that reiterate views that have already been widely canvassed or where particular contributors seek to dominate the discussion.
  • We will not accept comments that seek to advertise commercial products or services, or appear to be for commercial gain.
  • Contributors’ email addresses will not be made public when comments are posted, but their names will be if the contributor chooses to register with their full name.

Gunns Ltd, 19 April 2011